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Option 4 - Libraries Consultation

Lead petitioner : Iain Woodall-Buchanan

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Status: Pending owner response


Option 4: To keep ALL of Northamptonshire's libraries open, in permanent public ownership and operated by professionally trained staff, for the benefit of all residents in the county that wish to make use thereof.

Background information

Northamptonshire County Council is consulting on the provision of its library service, saying that if communities do not take on the running of the libraries then small & medium size libraries will close.

Our libraries are an essential community facility and a frontline statutory service. They hold local communities together and help to deliver national objectives relating to learning, economic regeneration, health and wellbeing and diversity. They provide community spaces and a range of learning events for all ages.

It is simply unsustainable and unrealistic for communities to run libraries. Having them run by communities and volunteers would mean that there would be funding to be found each year. The three options being offered in the public consultation all offer cuts that will lead to closure or offloading of library services by the County Council to make relatively small savings to the County Council at great losses to our communities.

We, the undersigned, demand that Northamptonshire County Council desists from closing libraries and/or putting the responsibility of them onto the communities they serve and instead complies with their statutory duty under law to “provide a comprehensive library service for all those that have a desire to make use thereof” and to fund the service properly themselves. Furthermore, we demand an “Option 4” to be added to the consultation or that the consultation is withdrawn in its entirety, with “Option 4” being:

“Option 4: To keep ALL of Northamptonshire's libraries open, in permanent public ownership and operated by professionally trained staff, for the benefit of all residents in the county that wish to make use thereof.”

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The Council says:
Thank you for submitting your petition regarding the libraries consultation. I can confirm that Full Council has now made its decision on the budget for 2018/19 which included a decision on the library service review proposal. Full Council has agreed to implement Option 2 of the Library Service Review. Further information about what this means, including the development of an Independent Library Service Contract for any of the 21 libraries included in Option 2 for closure which may wish to consider developing an Independent Library Provision, is available by viewing the Full Council papers. If you feel that we have not dealt with your petition properly, you have the right to request that the Council’s Scrutiny Management Committee review the steps the Council has taken in response to your petition. Should you wish to follow this course of action, please respond to this letter giving a short explanation of the reasons why you consider the response to be inadequate. I will forward this to the Scrutiny Management Committee which will endeavour to consider your request at its next meeting, although on some occasions this may not be possible and consideration will take place at the following meeting. Should the Scrutiny Management Committee determine we have not dealt with your petition adequately, it may use any of its powers to deal with the matter. These powers include instigating an investigation, making recommendations to the Council Executive and arranging for the matter to be considered at a meeting of the Full Council. Once the appeal has been considered you will be informed of the results within 5 working days. These results will also be published on our website